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Version Originale 1 Cahier D'exercices Pdf [CRACKED] Download


version originale 1 cahier d'exercices pdf download

cahier d'exercices pdf downloadQ: How to share tag's feed to another site in Spring Social I'm using Spring Social (version 3.0.0.M1) to create a social website and I want to implement a feature in which the user who shared a post tag can easily see the tags of the post that was shared in their timeline. For example, if a user posts a post containing the tag #android, #java and #spring then the users who are following the post that was shared can easily see the tag #spring. How can I implement such feature? This is how I use the tagging feature of spring-social: @Autowired private UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken authentication; @PostMapping public String login(@RequestParam String username, @RequestParam String password, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) { UserInfo userInfo = authentication.getPrincipal(); logger.debug("userInfo: {}", userInfo); String userId = String.valueOf(userInfo.getId()); String userEmail = String.valueOf(userInfo.getEmail()); User user = userRepo.findOne(userId); String userFirstName = String.valueOf(user.getFirstName()); String userLastName = String.valueOf(user.getLastName()); String userGender = String.valueOf(user.getGender()); Map userDetails = new HashMap(); userDetails.put("firstName", userFirstName); userDetails.put("lastName", userLastName); userDetails.put("gender", userGender); userDetails.put("username", userEmail); Map tags = new HashMap(); tags.put("tag1", "#spring");

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Version Originale 1 Cahier D'exercices Pdf [CRACKED] Download

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